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Key Processes

Navigation Workflow

Nursenav Oncology provides a platform for navigation programs to manage and track patients throughout the continuum of care from the time of an abnormal finding or cancer diagnosis into survivorship. Intuitive and user-friendly, our software establishes a workflow for each navigation team member, ensuring that all patients receive a consistent and measurable standard of care.

Care Plans and Survivorship Care Plans

All patients, those with a benign condition (Care Plan) or malignant diagnosis (Survivorship Care Plan) will receive a plan outlining the members of their care team, their diagnosis, treatment plan and follow-up care instructions. Plan creation is integrated into the navigation workflow and begins to build on “day one” of the navigation process. Plans are patient friendly, easy to read and branded with your program's logo and colors.

Program Reporting

Nursenav’s reporting suite currently features over 50 reports with 14 criteria filter selections. Report categories include but are not limited to, clinical data, barriers to care, distress data, timeliness of care , referral streams into and out of the navigation program and navigation activity. Reports can be filtered by multiple criteria selections to study patient populations and trends for particular disease sites.

Follow-Up Care Tracking

Nursenav’s Care Plan Track automatically alerts the navigator when a patient is due for a particular test or exam as outlined in their Care Plan or Survivorship Care Plan. The algorithm in the Care Plan Track automatically calculates alerts for up to 5 years based on the frequency of the test or procedure and when the instruction is to begin.


Aiding Programs to Comply with the ACoS Commission on Cancer Standards 3.1 Navigation Process, 3.2 Distress Screening, 3.3 Survivorship Care Plans

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Our Technology

provides a virtual work environment for the navigation team
Cloud Computing, Software as a Service

Our software provides oncology programs with a cost-effective pathway to achieving the stable, secure, fault-tolerant environment that is required in the healthcare market. Our servers are housed at a SSAE16 Type II hosting facility with multiple levels of security including keycard and PIN access, 24 x 7 x 365 staffing and video surveillance. Full nightly back-ups are made and retained for 30 days. Data is also backed-up at a secondary facility every 15 minutes. All ePHI is securely transmitted using SSL 128-bit encryption, and at rest using AES 128-bit encryption.

As a SaaS company focused on patient navigation, our multi-tenant architecture provides numerous benefits to our customers. Nursenav delivers a platform based on mainstream enterprise technologies, combined with a software solution focused solely on oncology patient navigation at a cost-effective price.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    Nursenav is committed to ensuring that our
    services comply with all HIPAA regulations.

  • Convenient User Access

    Our software can be accessed from any location
    with a high-speed Internet connection, allowing
    users at various facilities to work as a team.

  • Frequent Software Enhancements

    Since we maintain one comprehensive version
    of software, clients benefit from a more robust development schedule and the resulting
    software enhancements.

  • HL7 Interface

    A standard HL7 Interface package is available
    for clients desiring to import data into Nursenav
    or export navigation data into their EMR. A non-HL7
    file-based interface is also available.

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