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BustBooster.com brings you HBR² Herbal Breast Revitalizer - Our product works by inducing the natural process of breast development. The phytoestrogenic compounds in our herbal formula bind with the estrogen receptors in the mammary glands of the breasts. This stimulation gradually develops new breast tissue, in the same process that takes place during puberty. The new breast tissue is as natural and permanent as the breasts you have right now. The addition of new breast tissue to your existing breast tissue will leave you with larger, fuller, and firmer breasts. You should notice enlargement and firming of your breasts after 4 to 6 weeks of usage. By 4 months, you should have 1-2 cup sizes of enlargement. Prolonged usage, 6 months or more, can enlarge your breasts as much as 3 cup sizes. The speed of development and amount of enlargement varies depending on the duration of use and your biology.
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