I had to say you also another thing, but I forgot it.

There is no room for reconsideration.

Look to your left.

When you go to Boston, where do you stay?

This movie is one of my all-time favorites.

Ted didn't say anything worthwhile.

I don't want to lie anymore.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

They consider him intelligent.

Paula performed at the Tatoeba Center for the Performing Arts.

He'll get hold of us as soon as he has the information.

How that woman runs on!

He failed to apologize for betraying our trust.

Fortunately, Jay is still alive.

You cannot learn too much about your own language.

Malus reached for Wendell's hand.

She prayed that her mother would forgive her.

Don't let her get to you.


Please come. I really want to meet you.


John had put his sweater on inside out.

Gerald is expecting Clara.

Where do you buy clothes?

Does he have a big house?

The stadium is being evacuated.

Why is Esperanto the ideal language for communication?

You know how busy we are.

Hang on. The ambulance will get here in just a little bit.

The story ends where it began

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Antonella is a little confused.

Where did you park?

He won't say anything about himself.


I go shopping every other day.

It doesn't matter what happens to us.

We eat so that we may live.

I'll go find him.

You know who I'm talking about, right?

Work quietly lest you disturb others.

Herb bought a drone.


Keep yourself alive during winter.


Lend me your comb for a minute, will you?

You need to stay there.

Whatever may betide.

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He has a common name.


I left my hat in the classroom.


We'll take them with us.

This is a war.

Ellen couldn't do it, so he asked Julius to help him.

Where were these built?

I've been told that I'm a good kisser.

Pantelis seems to be having a good time.

I think I can help with that.

I love arguing with you.

Mystery prevails.

Studying how to communicate effectively is time well spent.

Felipe has two cars and one motorcycle.


When you die do you become closer to God because you no longer exist?

I hope you don't change your mind.

Frederic showers every morning before breakfast.

Matt got more Christmas presents than me.

I'll need my own tools.


How did Gail survive?

On your feet, children!

My father is frank.

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Jamie dropped his mobile, but a girl found it.

I could've been mistaken.

He was paroled after having served eleven years of his sentence.

Let's go home!

He is infatuated with Alice.

She was named after her grandmother.

Do you also have this in other colors?

I worked as a waiter for three years.

At least, that's what she said.

Either you or your brother is wrong.

I didn't know Cyrus could read.


She sometimes stays up late at night.

We're better than they are.

Police arrested one man.

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Dylan is still there.


Did Barry threaten you?


We eat supper about six o'clock.

I want you to be quiet.

What he said also applies in this case.

Ilya had no idea what Michel wanted him to do.

It's me, he said softly.


You're the guy who killed him.

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I must know the truth about her.

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The policeman pulled out his baton.


There was no sign of Juan anywhere.

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Stuart is used to making speeches.


Manolis knows Loren wants to get married.

You're one of the kindest people I know.

She backed out at the last moment.

I think you know what I'm interested in.

Brad couldn't tell from Jayesh's reaction how she felt about what he had said to her.

I have lucid dreams.

Did anyone phone me?

Don't turn your back on them.

We knew something had to be done.

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It's the translations which seem to be the simplest that are often the most complex.

He made a speech in English at the meeting.

I can not speak Turkish.


Fletcher looked again.

Shut your gob!

There are multiple species of seagulls which vary in size.

I have left my car keys behind.

I'll never learn.


What an amazing story!

Nobody can help us.

He copied his friend's notebook with precision.

Wait till the rain stops.

I pegged one up.


Two years ago, I traveled to Obihiro.

Even we are people.

Shamim won the Iowa caucus but did not become president.

Yes, it has already started.

This example is a little more complex.

It's a girl thing.

I need to talk to him now.

The empty house was full of dust.

Banks are cutting lending to industrial borrowers.

I can't go to work.

Were you shouting at my wife?


We must concentrate our efforts on the desk.


She was unable to completely give up her dream of traveling abroad.

The airplane arrives at 8.

What's going to happen to her?

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I want to know what time to come.


Did you actually talk to her?

I barely had time to think about it.

Are you tired of living?

You're going to be my son-in-law.

She burst into tears at the news.

I play guitar almost every day.

Many archeological sites are at risk due to poor maintenance.

She doesn't actually live in Deal.

Come and windsurf with me.

I think that games such as Candy Crush are a waste of time.

Why didn't you tell me Srinivasan doesn't like Sridharan?

The hardness of diamond is such that it can cut glass.

Cadmium poisoning is a very common cause of death in the south.

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This is my desk.

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I got shanghaied by those bastards!


The town hall was full of people.

Now is the time to clinch the deal.

It's pretty ugly.

I don't see any difference.

Memories came flooding back when Malcolm found some photos from his childhood in an old box in the attic.

Why are you always so busy?

I thank you for your existence.

I've already decided.

Scarcely had we started out before the sky became overcast and down came the rain again.

A sharp pain pierced her stomach.

Are you still not happy?


Corey did not want to admit it.

Melinda ran his fingers through Jack's hair.

I'm trying to find Park Street.

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Suffice it to say that, after all, this won't do.

My name is not "You guys".

I want to be an artist.

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James said more than he should have.


I have never known someone as hypocritical as you.

This year the region has been hit by a severe drought.

The sight filled Vasilissa with horror and she stopped as still as a post buried in the ground.