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It’s been good to continue working with clients from the agency days, and to establish new client relationships as well.






Stan Becker

A great judge of creative, and the best boss I ever had. Could command the attention of any room, of any size. I’ll never forget, in a meeting where things weren’t going as planned, he disarmed the client by simply asking: “Bill, why aren’t you smiling?”



Bill Bernbach

Never knew him, but admired this mythic ad man—having nothing to do with martinis or the stuff of TV shows. For him, like for Stan, it was all about the work, and about being different, because, as he said, “ if you’re like everybody else, where are you? Nowhere.”

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Dale Carnegie

A book about “winning friends and influencing people” always sounded cheesy to me, until I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. “Try honestly to see things from the other person’s perspective…Nobody was ever argued into buying anything…Smile.”

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Nora Ephron

Especially the essays in Esquire and The New Yorker. I heard her speak several times at the 92nd Street Y. One memorable night, she told her “What’s the Point?” story, which I’ve repeated to every client and class I’ve ever had. It’s a lesson you’ll never forget.



Tibor Gergley

Illustrator of 70 Little Golden Books, including The Taxi That Hurried, which convinced an impressionable 5-year-old in Reading, Massachusetts that he had to live in New York City. And he did (20 years later).

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Erica Gruen

We were colleagues at DFS/Saatchi, then she made the transition from media department to president of the Food Network. Now a consultant, she creates content across all platforms, like The Biggest Loser. “I was digital when digital wasn’t cool,” tweets she.

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The M5

The most scenic bus route in New York City, from the George Washington Bridge to the Staten Island Ferry, along Riverside and Central Parks, down Fifth Avenue, uptown past the World Trade Center site.  A great way to get to where you’re going. Hint, hint.

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Jane Maas

We first knew each other from teaching a course for marketers at the Association of National Advertisers. Then I watched as she came up with a brilliant idea for a book (Mad Women), made it happen, then embarked on  a 40-city book tour at age 80.



Robert Poynton

In Everything’s an Offer he offers lessons from the world of Improvisational Theater. Six of the key words: “Let go. Notice more. Use everything.” And I love what he says about “being really, really present: a rare combination of serenity and adrenalin.”

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Eliel Saarinen

As an 8th and 9th grade English teacher, I lived / worked / slept / ate / hiked / played tennis at Cranbrook, the school he designed in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. How amazing it was to experience this world he created with Charles and Ray Eames and others.

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Henry David Thoreau

I grew up 11 miles from Walden Pond, but had never visited (or read the book) until I was in my 40’s. A good age to have someone urge you to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life you have imagined.

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Steven Zucker

A good friend of one of my best friends, this 2011 hire at Khan Academy is co-creator (with Beth Harris) of Smarthistory, the leading open educational resource for art history, offering nearly 500 free videos that feature audio conversations with experts.

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