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Exciting Changes at EDF!

For many years, EDF Electronic Data Filing Inc. has been recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading SEDAR® and EDGAR filing agents for public companies. We are pleased to announce that, effective this past December 16, 2008, we joined with Computershare.

Members of the EDF team will now be leading the delivery of Computershare’s existing e3 Filing™ regulatory filing services and our new Vancouver office at 510 Burrard will become Computershare’s Western hub for filing solutions throughout Canada and the United States.

EDF Electronic Data Filing’s commitment to high-quality service is well-aligned with Computershare’s accurate and efficient e3 Filing regulatory filing services, so our commitment to client service remains the same.

As a company with a strategic commitment to our industry, Computershare combines localized regional service with one-stop expertise in world-class transfer agent and specialized financial and communication services. Ultimately, by joining Computershare, we will be leveraging the best-practices and people from both businesses, to create one superior regulatory filing service.

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Please call us at 604-661-0200 or toll-free at 1-800-9-SEDAR-4 (1- 800-973-3274) and ask about our first time filer discount and competitive packages.
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