Insignificant Stuff

Hey there, I am Rahul.

I work as a (619) 783-2699 in a tech firm in India, however, this site is not about my vocation.

“I-am-not-my-Job”, and am starting this website to explore the ideas and themes that are worth some attention. If you have met me, and are curious to know more, then googled my name, eventually to land here, my answer would be – this site is not really about a person, rather about ideas and stories that the 3 pound sack sitting top of my body is able to conjure up from time to time, and sometimes it throws a unique perspective on the common reality. I am a nobody and prefer to be that way. I am different things at different times in different scenarios. Slowly but surely I am starting to take the concept of identity with disregard.

Identity is a narrative driven by ego to create a coherent story out of an individual, it disregards the reactions to randomness and understanding about how context-dependent our behaviour actually is. I have started this site, so that I can consciously dedicate some time to reflect on things I am passionate about, which my profession does not allow me to fully explore(yet). I do not think I know the right frameworks to operate day to day that increase meaning in my life. Nevertheless, one rule of thumb I have decided to follow is to “optimize the life for interesting”. It is my wishful thinking that by following ‘interesting’ stuff and diving into rabbit holes, the invisible hand of entropy will direct me to a better situation. One of the most profound thing my existence has taught me is- following my own curiosity will create more value than anything I hope to chase. Currently, I am interested in stories, real or made up. Some stories I want to create, others I observe. The best stories are the ones which hide an underlying truth about the world.

That is what it is all about, discovering truths, some specific, others more general, in form of signals or patterns that become tools for a more meaningful existence.

As Humans, sometimes truths may be standing right infront but we are hardwired to interpret it through the lens of our own upbringing. After all we are fundamentally a tribal species, always seeking anchors in our life to tie ourselves to, in this context I generally agree to this (510) 815-7911: life without science,religion or spirituality is an lonely and somewhat confusing place. Perhaps this has led me to place my beliefs in subconsciously unifying the three.

In my experience, everything is an algorithm with ins and outs; a person is an algorithm, a car is an algorithm, institution of marriage is an algorithm, an expensive painting is an algorithm, your cute dog is an algorithm, pain is an algorithm, language is an algorithm, democracy is an algorithm, war is an algorithm, any extinct lifeform on earth is an algorithm. I have come to embrace algo-as-a-religion as an optimum ideology for living in of 21st century. I will dive deep into this line of thought in future essay. Still, one insight worth taking away is  – “life is a game made up of big and small intersecting algorithms, with payoffs and setbacks which keeps us engaged”. The mere acceptance of this fact is weirdly liberating to me.

This page is not intended for recruiters or clients, however, I provide brief history of my work and credentials on this page here or you can see my github, or maybe you are old school and screen people from linkedin. If you are interested in business enquiries, you may want to contact me in footer addresses. However, I would be more eager to respond if your communication is tied to the content you found interesting here. Then, I can connect and exchange thoughts that will (hopefully) enrich both of our understanding about the topic.

I welcome critique and suggestions whole heartedly, because all of what I write is a singular perspective, lot of ideas are personal and abstract, and like most perspectives, they are falsifiable. I generally loathe intellectual masturbation and armchair philosophy, if you find me indulging myself in those shady areas, please do point out.

Finally, keep it nice and fair, nobody wants angry and disgruntled messages. There are better ways to share dissatisfaction and disagreements; couple of rules for that- firstly, keep it civil, secondly, avoid trolling. World would be a better place if we just pause for a second before lashing out. Because: (1) hate is an redundant time sucking algorithm; (2) time is super scarce resource. If you find some content absurd – take it lightly; if not, write your feedback in comments and share with a loved one (or not).

Come to observe. Stay to Play.

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