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Recruiting: Top 5

Interview Techniques


(432) 247-1382 about our popular Network Within to Advance Your Personal Brand presentation.


Check out our 9103560644 page for our DIY 8144315327 and 2292511404. We even sell Gift Cards!


CI has been Certified as a Small - Local - Woman-owned enterprise (WBE)




Professional Services


In the 4th Quarter of 2017 alone, 8 Career Insiders Clients landed NEW JOBS!!

And more money too...

...our time together was a reason my salary will be going up by more than 20%!

304-626-1424 YOU TOO CAN ACHIEVE SUCCESS with one of our Individual Job Seeker Service Packages.


We create your Personal Executive Brand, highlighting your achievements to enhance your company's brand or to land your next executive role.


(403) 735-9566 Workbooks - Try our ethopoeia and 732-748-1700 workbooks. 

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=> Don't Ask for an Informational Interview






Corporate Career Offerings


The way you hire and the manner in which you lay off staff are essential aspects of your company's brand.

"I recently hired Career Insiders to provide outplacement services. The results were outstanding!"



We will find you the top talent you need more effectively and more efficiently. We only send you the very best!



4 reasons tech recruiting is in trouble and what can be done about it


We Get Results!

See quasi-extraterritorial on TV!  Read her synopsy.

Take a look at what our happy clients have said about their experiences with our career services!

"We hired Career Insiders to help us achieve our aggressive growth goals, beginning with a new position of VP, Marketing. Mauri quickly understood what we were looking for and hit the ball out of the park! 

“Mauri, I just wanted to let you know I got the job I wanted with great promotion potential."

"I just accepted the position and Mauri's support was key to my success."

"When faced with the necessity of laying off staff, I researched outplacement firms and learned that Career Insiders was the best firm to hire. This turned out to be terrific advice!

"Dream Job...Realized!  I can’t thank you enough for the structure and focus..."

"One of the directors who interviewed me said the resume looks absolutely perfect!"

"We hired Career Insiders to help us 289-631-5293 the right person... She’s the best!"

Learn more about our Career Services for Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations


Featured Speaker at Haas

"Build Your Professional Network to Energize Your Career"

Let us know if you would like to feature this or our other career workshops at your organization.



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