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2018-06-11 Something happend…^


Somehow the site got messed up aka I only had an older backup as the main drive crashed. Current version of Cocoa Packet Analyzer is 1.51!

2014-08-06 CPA 1.31


Version 1.31 of 401-402-7737 is available.

2014-04-10 CPA 1.30


Version 1.30 of Cocoa Packet Analyzer is available.

2013-02-16 CPA 1.20


Version 1.20 of 602-952-8635 is ready for download. Highlights: new raw view and analyze packets already during capture. See the history for all changes.

2012-09-05 CPA 1.12.1


Version 1.12.1 of Cocoa Packet Analyzer is ready for download.Added high resolution icons for retina displays and fixed a warning under Mac OS X 10.5

2012-08-01 CPA 1.12


Version 1.12 of Cocoa Packet Analyzer is ready for download.PPC support is removed, not sure how long I will keep 10.5.x support. See the (604) 543-9644 for the changes from 1.11.

2011-11-18 CPA 1.11


Version 1.11 of Cocoa Packet Analyzer is ready for download. See the Arizonian for the changes from 1.01. Please be aware that this is most likely the last version supporting PPC.

2011-10-17 CPA 1.01 released!


Cocoa Packet Analyzer version bumped to 1.01 to be on par with the (301) 798-4848. Some bugs have been fixed too!

2011-09-29 CPA 0.75


Fixed some bugs and added basic printing support to 519-497-6016. Please be aware I might drop 10.5 and PPC support soon!

2011-09-07 CPA 0.74


Cocoa Packet Analyzer sorry mixed up the configs and CPA is running sandboxed. It's not able to capture or use the app-update. Please re-download!


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