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Announcing, with great joy, the women's formation team for the February 21-24 weekend that will be held at Shalom House.  The team formation process begins on October 28th.  Please keep the team in your prayers during their 4-month formation process. 

Formation Team
Name Church
Eydie Triplett (Rectora) St. Edward
Donna Mitchell St. Edward
Patti Allen St. James
Becky Scalone St. Paul
Cindy Lockemy Church of the Redeemer
Laurie Weeda Epiphany
Cathy Valle Epiphany
Dee Forgette Epiphany
Delores Groat Epiphany
Barbara Duhan St. Joseph
Ann Lersch Lewis St. Johnn Neumann
Kate McCaffrey St. Ann, Ashland
Spiritual Direction Team
Name Church
Dcn Frank Nelson Holy Rosary
Dick Commander St. James
Jeannine Commander St. James
Kathy Cook St. Mary

The Central Virginia Cursillo Center is in need of Palanca Coordinator.  Our Center relies on a volunteers to keep our operations running smoothly and to ensure that our weekends are successful for both team members and candidates.

Palanca Coordinator - If you regularly attend Ultreyas and would be interested in coordinating the receipt of palanca letters from other Cursillo communities to provide to our candidates on weekends and to send palanca letters to other Cursillo communities, this is the position for you.  It takes 15 minutes weekly (30 mins when you print & scan palancas for Ultreya's). Four times a year it takes about 3 hours to prepare palancas for each Cursillo weekend & the time needed to get the palancas to the team. There is also the cost of printer ink & paper.  Here are the four subtasks for this volunteer position:

a) Post our weekends on the Palanca Request page at 216-825-1808 up to 3 months in advance of each scheduled weekend in our community.

b) Print the palanca letters that you receive and get them to the team before the start of their weekend to be used in the Spiritual Director’s talk.

c) Sign up at 330-697-5239 to receive a weekly list of upcoming Cursillo weekends.  E-mail a general Palanca letter to each community on this list.  A sample Palanca letter is available that can be used and/or edited.

d) Print about four general Palanca letters and take these to the next Ultreya for our cursillistas to sign. This will require you to be able to scan and email each signed Palanca to the communities that have requested Palanca.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting the Central Virginia Cursillo Center.

If you would be interested in filling any of these volunteer positions, please respond to Dan Martin: 804-739-8095 or


Becasue of the holdidays there will only be one Ultreya in November and one in December.  The November Ultreya will be held on Friday, 11/16, at St. John Neumann in Powhatan.  The December Ultreya will be held on Friday, 12/14, at St. Michael in Glen Allen.  Please mark your calendars.

The Annual Cursillo Epiphany Party will be conducted on Friday, 1/11, at St. Edward with a start time of 6:30 pm.  Please plan to bring a dish to share.

CVCC Committee Contact List
Contact Title Email
Patricia AllenSupplies/Closet
Thomas AllenSupplies/Closet
Mary AttanasioNewsletter
Paul AttanasioNewsletter
Kathy Cook4th Day
Ramon Fiol2nd Friday Ultreya
Scott FisherSacred Heart Hotel
Robert GrubbsNewsletter
Janet Hasenfus Emmaus
Kathy HautSpiritual Director
Steve HautCVCC Spiritual
Ellen Herod4th Friday Ultreya
Mary MartinMember at
Joel NuckolsMember at
Galen W PotterPrecursillo
Janet PotterPrecursillo
Deacon Robert
Cathy ValleGeneral Palanca
russell wislerWeekend Closing