Forrest Fenn's Treasure

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The Legacy:

Millionaire art collector Forrest Fenn was told he would die of cancer in 1998. And wanting to leave his mark on the world and help others get into the outdoors, he devised a plan:

Fenn decided he would take his 10-by-10-by-6-inch bronze Romanesque chest and load it with his best treasures — ancient jewels, gold, jade, diamonds (now estimated to be worth 2 million dollars)—take it into the mountains, and die beside it.

But, before dying, he would “architect” a poem that, if solved, would lead an explorer exactly to the treasure.

A twist of good fortune kept Forrest alive, and he now resides in Santa Fe where he writes books, gives hints, and frequently engages with those on the chase.

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{Verified} A loaded hint from Fenn where he rules out the treasure being under water, and reveals his timeline for hiding the treasure.

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{Verified} Fenn tells searchers to stop digging up outhouses and that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Read our analysis on the the quote.



Knowing where to start in the poem can save you months in a wrong solve. Make sure you’ve listened to Fenn’s words about beginning where warm waters halt.

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Not in a Mine

{Verified} The Treasure is Not in a Mine Category: Hint Ty Laughlin, Explorer, CO 16 September 2017 Quote: "The treasure is not hidden in a mine. A lotta these old mines are dangerous. I mean, they have snakes in 'em, they have black widow spiders!" - Forrest Fenn...

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{Verified} The treasure is not in a graveyard according to Forrest himself on NBC. Check out the quote, source, and analysis.



{Verified} We know from Forrest Fenn’s Book, The Thrill of the Chase – page 131, that the treasure is hidden “somewhere north of Santa Fe.”


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{Verified} Analysis and related theories to Forrest Fenn’s hint on NBC saying the treasure is hidden at least 5000 feet above sea level.

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