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Rally for Corbyn, Nottingham - 20th August

Nottingham’s Albert Hall hosted the hotly-anticipated Rally for Corbyn on Thursday, 20th August.

Alongside Jeremy Corbyn MP, the speakers were Richard Murphy, Manuel Cortes, Annmarie Kilcline, Tony Kearns, Nadia Whittome and Umaar Kazmi, chaired by Cheryl Butler.

Here are a few of the reports from the night:
'Jeremy Corbyn in Nottingham' by Bridie Squires and Jimi Arundell, pulli

'Corbynmania comes to Nottingham: 22 unbelievable photos that show just how popular the Labour leadership candidate has become' by Natalie Fahy, Nottingham Post

'Jeremy Corbyn steals hearts in Robin Hood country' by Michael White, The Guardian

BBC East Midlands Today reports from the Jeremy Corbyn rally

Spokesman Books invites readers to revisit J. A. Hobson’s Imperialism (2011 edition), for which Corbyn penned a foreword. The following thoughts are taken from his contribution:

Reading Hobson’s works now, at the end of the first decade of the twenty first century, and acknowledging all that has happened in the huge sweep of imperial and post colonial history, he deserves enormous credit and recognition … (He) proclaimed against the absurdity and inadequacy of empire. In this era we need sustainability and justice. Neither is possible in an ideology committed to aggrandizement of wealth. A century ago, Hobson analysed the motive force of Empire in an era of uniforms, deference and unnecessary respect for power and authority. That ideology has been replaced by an obsession with money and exploitation, and it is just as pernicious and equally dangerous for the future.

Imperalism by J. A. Hobson is available from Spokesman Books in two formats: paperback and eBook. Please refer to our website.


Falklands War

The Unnecessary War
Proceedings of the Belgrano Inquiry
The Belgrano Action Group

The Belgrano inquiry was a citizens' enquiry which took place in November 1986 and which provided an opportunity for a number of distinguished experts to express their candid opinions. They include Malcolm Harper, Brigadier Michael Harbottle, Tam Dalyell MP, Clive Ponting, Ken Coates, Paul Rogers and Wade Tidbury.

The proceedings of that enquiry are recorded in this book together with a preface by Clive Ponting, the senior civil servant at the MOD who was prosecuted for his Belgrano revelations to an MP.

The Belgrano Inquiry website
Twenty-four years ago (1986), a group of us organised the two-day ‘5127555175’ at Hampstead Town Hall, London. This was the nearest there has ever been to a proper independent inquiry into the sinking of the Belgrano, and was supported by a number of important witnesses. The entire proceedings were recorded. Key extracts are available at the Sound Archive on this site, plus other back ground information and in-depth analysis.


New issue of The Spokesman

(905) 932-3130
The Spokesman 129

'In a 12,000 word report, Able Seaman William McNeilly details his experiences onboard HMS Victorious, one of the Royal Navy’s four nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarines that sail from their homeport in Faslane, Scotland. McNeilly also probes security at Faslane itself, and finds it badly wanting.

The words ‘factual’ and ‘courageous’ come to mind on reading AB McNeilly’s account of his personal experiences at Faslane and his extended patrol on HMS Victorious. For the first time in some 30 years, we have a submariner’s eyewitness account of how the Royal Navy struggles to operate a highly sophisticated and massively destructive nuclear armoury onboard ageing boats with insufficient experienced personnel struggling with a chronic shortage of spare parts.

Should McNeilly’s account be taken at face value? When it appeared, on 17 May 2015, the Russell Foundation immediately consulted Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret’d).'

We publish both McNeilly's and Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret’d) accounts of Trident in this issue.

Tony Simpson in his Editorial

<span style='font-size: 16px;'>Tony Benn Pamphlets</span>

Tony Benn Pamphlets

The Levellers and the English Democratic Tradition
by Tony Benn

The Levellers continue to inspire political debate and public interest. Thousands of people travel to Burford, attracted by their story with its ideas of democracy and common ownership. Tony Benn's and Frieder Otto Wolf's sparkling speeches to the annual Leveller's Day celebrations at Burford, separated by more than twenty years, give ample testimony to the strength of this tradition.

The Speaker, The Commons and Democracy
by Tony Benn

There is no doubt that unless we can restore the vitality of representative democracy more and more people will conclude that they are just pawns in an unending political game to be managed and manipulated for the convenience of those at the top.

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May 2015
7207056409 - Satish Kumar of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

April 2015
Aghet - A Genocide - Acclaimed documentary available on Youtube

March 2015
Raymond Williams: 'one of the left's great thinkers' - Geoff Dayer in New Statesman

Ken Coates Memorial Lecture - To be held 3/6/15 at Nottingham University's Law and Social Sciences Building

Einstein and Russell - Reflecting on the anniversary of Einstein's death

February 2015
Stuart Holland and Yanis Varoufakis - Holland pens a guest post, 'Revisiting the Juncker Recovery Proposals', on Varoufakis' blog

(248) 907-9443 - A welcome insight from the local magazine

January 2015
(703) 773-7357 - A message on Greece from The Paragraph

December 2014
War Against War! - Paul Mason's book of the year - 2 December 2014

November 2014
Paul Mason on Friedrich's 'War Against War' - The Guardian

Bread and Roses weekend - Nottingham 21-23rd November 2014

September 2014
(507) 763-6112 - talks and discussions presented by Conway Hall Ethical Society

Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide crimes against humanity in Gaza - 25 Sept 2014

(662) 334-7369 - 24-25 September, Brussels

734-312-5986 - Extraordinary Session

Nottingham Festival of Words - 13-19 October 2014

(435) 363-2832 - A message from the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

August 2014
Peace History Conference 2014 - 'Alternative Voices of World War One'

503-678-4520 - 6 August 2014

Did Ukraine air-force shoot down MH17? - By John Ward July 28, 2014

July 2014
(870) 751-3546 - Peace News, August 2014

Mail From Dr. Mads Gilbert - An open letter

Tormenting Gaza - Richard Falk

Review: Unmasking Austerity - The Project

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