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Alaska float trip video

alaska float tripThese Alaska float trips will appeal to fly fishing enthusiasts who love exploring the wildest corners of the world that tht include great fishing. Alaska's Katmai National Park and Preserve is such a place as it contains three particular rivers that offer extraordinary fishing for rainbow trout, artic char, grayling and the largest runs of Pacific salmon in the on the planet.
Imagine camping on the bank of a remote stream, fishing until midnight, waking up to the sound of salmon splashing their way upstream or trout slurping caddis outside your tent. These Alaska float trips arelocated in the heart of Alaska's heaviest concentration of wild, native rainbow trout .
The most important pieces of a float trip puzzle are the guides.  Our business is deliberately small only able to handle one group per week and we have had the same guides for over 14 years.

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A float trip in Alaska is
not without wild beauty.
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