What is redborder?

redborder is an Open Source, Big Data cybersecurity and traffic analysis platform accompanied by a set of active probes managed in an integrated manner. redborder can be deployed on-premise or used as a cloud service.

Massive Collection

Listening to traffic from your network is the key to real insights.

Direct collection of Netflow, IPFIX, syslog, snmp, radius, location, proprietary protocols, and social network data

Free Probes

Multitenant/ Multi Domain and Hierarchic probe management: IPS (Snort, Suricata) and Malware prevention with probes for Mail, the Web and EndPoints

Large-Scale Integration

Integration is power. The combination of NTA & Cybersecurity in a unique platform provides for the full visibility necessary to create intelligence for monitoring, protecting and acting in real time.

Why redborder?

Network Traffic Analysis

redborder provides high-speed NTA and traffic visibility at SP scale. Give the NOC/ SOC teams all traffic information with the right tools for powerful analysis.

Real-Time Venue Analytics

redborder delivers invaluable knowledge by collecting traffic data from wireless networks (WIFI, Cell Networks). It's all about people: Location, Activity, Behavior, mass movements and social analytics.

Active Cybersecurity

The redborder platform and probes work together to protect your network with a scale-out analytics engine, sandboxing, probes management and premiun and collaborative threat intelligence.

Open Source

We employ an open core business model for high-speed innovation, collective intelligence, freedom, and cost control. We believe in the power of the community and are betting on a purely Open Source future.

Scale-Out Big Data

The Platform can process millions of events per second from networks of any size in real time. Scale-Out power for managing probes, network devices, analysis activity and users in a multitenant and cloud-ready infrastructure.

Operational Intelligence

redborder offers data enrichment with external intelligence sources combined with data mining, correlation and behavioral analytics. Gain practical insights from integrated data.

How to Deploy

Epic editions ready to launch

The redborder platform is available in multiple formats to better suit your needs.

Enterprise Edition

Download the Enterprise Edition and try it for 60 days.

Community Edition

Download the Community Edition, which is always free.

OEM Edition

Lose AGPL Restraints! Call us.

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Don’t listen to us, listen to them
redborder community
The more we work together, the stronger we will be

Today, innovation is driven by users themselves in the open world rather than by technology providers. The unique open source redborder platform was made possible by standing on the shoulders of those who released the source code before us. Now it's time for us to give back. We invite you to collaborate, to help make us better, to share our vision.

Collective Intelligence

Enjoy the synergy of mutually shared knowledge


A documented API is exposed for interactivity


Our community components are licensed under Affero GPL