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Self introduction

I will start by introducing my self ,so I'm Anan Yaghmour,25 years old. I'm an electrical engineer with specialty in systems, control, and signal processing. I have a solid background in mathematics and physics with the required arsenal of programming languages and problem solving techniques to withstand my responsibilities as a qualified engineer

Personal Aspect

On the personal side, I’m passionate about sports, specially football and body building. I’m also interested in politics and I like watching political debates and TV shows like Upfront. For me, traveling is way more than just a hobby or an interesting activity. I see it as a mandatory experience and lesson every person should go through; due its enormous impact on our way of thinking and how we perceive the world around us.


    • Univerity of Southampton,UK
      MSc in Systems, Control, and Signal Processing (9/2017-9/2018)
    • University of Jordan,Jordan
      BSc in Electrical Engineering (9/2011-1/2017)

Projects and Skills

“action speaks louder than words”. In addition to the projects and skills listed in my C.V, I decided to build this website from scratch to demonstrate two demos as a sample of the numerous projects I worked on during my studies. I achieved this by integrating MATLAB with C# in the ASP.NET environment, using MATLAB COMPONENT RUNTIME(MCR). This allows the user to run and interact with my codes efficiently.

contact information

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Liberty Point, 78-82 St Mary's Rd, Southampton SO14 0GE,UK



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out of 100 in secondary school


out of 4 in BSc degree


out of 4 in MSc degree


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