A promise made in Spanish is more than a simple promise.

The scars of your love remind me of us.

A talking dictionary is no longer a fantasy.

Was there something you wanted to say?

Roderick confessed that he had killed Mike.

What are your reasons for practising Chinese medicine in the UK?

Did you grow up speaking French?

A new sentence is like a message in a bottle: some time it will be translated.

This is what I've always wanted.

Why can't you stay with him?

I need to call my parents and tell them I'll be late for dinner.


He's very peculiar.

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I can't take your whining anymore!

Syed stopped the car and turned off the engine.

Almost everyone was late.

He is an earnest young man.

The police suspected that Mechael was a drug dealer.

We need many other things.

You didn't eat very much.


We're very satisfied with it.

Flexibility is one of the many advantages of working from home.

I knew you had a boyfriend!

Michael suddenly lost consciousness.

I just don't care anymore.


Leigh plays hockey.

He is better off than he was.

He rose from office boy to manager of the company.

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He's about the same age as you.

I thought I was going to get here before you.

He was sent to the galleys.


People were nice to me.

This I have to see.

It's rare to find big yards in Japan.


I like listening to Dylan play the guitar.

Carter asked me who my French teacher was.

I was wondering if I could sleep over at Mario's tonight.

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up naked.

Our teacher said: "Of course you can".

I'm going to Florida next Friday.

Brett looked at the calendar on his desk.

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I can't repay you.


I just got your package.


I'll take Guido to Loukas.

They are boring the ground for oil.

Bob helped me.

Let's attack.

I'm living in Boston.


Did you mistake the margarine for butter?

Dominic left Naomi and went to live with another woman.

It's the best way to solve the problem.

Did you guys hear what Tim said on TV?

When can I see you?

How many daughters does Vick have?

I feel tense and agitated when I have too much work to do.

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Where is the cake with raisins?

Negotiations lasted many days.

What's wrong, honey?

What a lovely day it is!

Could I please use your phone?

I am from America, but France is my second home.

Wisdom is a curse when wisdom does nothing for the man who has it.

Wasn't your old dog named Cookie?

They cheered for their sports teams.

I got more and more bored as the speech went on.

You look so good that I could kiss you right now.


There's a bank on the corner.

He makes no half-hearted attempts.

Scot is wearing headphones.

I've always been a hard worker.

I hate arguing.


Beth needs more than that.

Fay and Kathy both have drinking problems.

He has been elected to Congress.


We'll work.

A good workman always takes care of his tools.

Quite a lot of rotten apples were in the basket.

She reluctantly went by herself.

Just like his parents, he will be a teacher.

I think about Francois all day.

He will probably fail.

I tried Buddhist meditation once, but I fell asleep halfway through the session.

Your watch is ten minutes slow.

Many famous people are behind the movement.

Franklin got on a bus bound for Boston.

Vladimir has a theory.

I'm really not all that hungry.

How do you think people get famous anymore?

Can I begin?

No one uses that kind of weapon anymore.

I saw Jarmo.

Many Germans travel to Greece every summer.

The song is familiar to us.


He went to see her reluctantly.

Tuna can swim very fast.

Emi danced the most beautifully of the three girls.

There are a lot of beautiful songs on these records.

They are unreliable.

Justin isn't going to shoot me.

I don't know how much time I've got.

Things went very smoothly.

Excuse me, but I have no change.

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From the mouths of babes.

Nice place you have here.

He didn't want to sell the book.

The sanctuary is before; and the thief, behind.

Penny put on a pair of surgical gloves.


I don't want distractions.

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a little overweight.

It's a simple matter for me to reconnect the gas.

Germany is the global leader in this industry.

I'd rather not say.

When I'm feeling low, I talk with friends or go out for a walk.

Frankly speaking, your way of thinking is out of date.


I'll try to get in touch with Shean.

On the edge of the cliff blooms the most beautiful flowers.

Cucumbers are related to watermelons.

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What're you going to do about it?

Marsh won't be going back to Boston with us.

We have no information about what's going to happen.

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Individuals do not exist for the development of the State.

Do you get on well with other people?

They believed us.


I don't know if it's possible.

Christopher's delirious.

They felt United States' farmers were poorer than they should be.

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Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned.

They attend every meeting.

Can you elaborate on that?

Do you recognize anyone?

This is the first time I've ever shouted at Taninna.


This is so relaxing.

I will give you a call tomorrow night.

They work hard.

Kemal wasn't wearing a belt.

What do you want that for?


What were they arguing about?

I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Whichever of the routes you choose, allow about two hours.

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There was more bad than good in him.

The match ended in a draw.

Do it with me.

Ana's boyfriend is so cloying. He's always trying to kiss her and hold her hand.

Hotta hung a calendar on the wall.

You have many friends.

We're working on a contingency plan.

Loukas is displeased.

The three of us used to pull all-nighters at Yumezaki all the time.

You know I'm older than you are.

The wall is partly covered with ivy.

As is often the case, Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

Do you have any books to read?

I've said too much already.

Jeannette probably never knew what hit him.

Randall hasn't said a word since he got here.

I know what's at stake.


The sea got rough, so that we had to give up fishing.

Teri is an autodidact.

Rob came for a visit yesterday.

I just wish I knew how to speak French.

Juha may be having fun.

Jeffery is still conscious.

I don't want to have to hurt anyone.


Why does everyone hate Belinda?

Potatoes are vegetables.

Come whenever you want.

Let dinner wait.

He is afraid of the dogs.

I killed them.

This hat cost me $10.

That club is filled with MILFs.

What are your thoughts on that?